Compassionate K9 Mobile Dog Grooming 

"All Dogs Are Groomed With Creativity, Care, Love, & Compassion"

Add-on & Stand Alone Service Page 1
Any services that requires just an add-on services or stand alone service than an travel fee surge charge of $5-$25 will be added on to the service itself.
Rabies vaccination Certificate must be up to date and current and a copy of rabies shot paperwork must be given prior to any grooming service being rendered  and a new customer & agreement policy form must be filled out and signed prior to any grooming service being rendered.

Anal Gland Expression 

If your pet rub their behinds on the floor a lot at any given time or after doing their doggy business  than it maybe time for an anal gland expression. Our certified groomer will be doing the dirty work of your doggy glands but at certain times if the glands are too impacted internally than a vet maybe required to do the expression to avoid any rupturing of the anal gland. Price starts at  $10.00 per gland expression on each dog.

Deodorizing Shampoo Treatment 

If your dog smells extremely funky and foully than they may need to be deodorize with our Deodorizing Shampoo Treatment. Price starts at $10.00 per dog.

De-Skunking Shampoo Treatment 

If your dog been digging around at places where they shouldn't be or have been a little too aggressive with a skunk and had the unfortunate mishap of smelling like an skunk than they may need to give our De-Skunking Shampoo Treatment a visit. Price starts at  $12.00 per dog and can go up to $20.00 per dog depending on dog sizes & breed.