Compassionate K9 Mobile Dog Grooming 

"All Dogs Are Groomed With Creativity, Care, Love, & Compassion"

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Ear Cleaning 

Getting your dogs eared cleaned is essential to maintaining an healthy body and from preventing ear infection build up such as mites, yeast, and etc... Price starts at  $3.00 per dog.

Face Trim Only  (Light)

Is your dog face a little scruffy than give them a face trim with us. Price starts at  $15.00 per dog.

Teeth Brushing 

Does your dog have icky and odor teeth is so than its time for a teeth brushing with us. Brushing your dogs teeth daily prevents gum disease and teeth from rotting and brittling among other health complications. Price starts at $5.00 - $8.00 depending upon size and breed of dog.