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High Quality Dog Grooming Service

high quality dog grooming service Hand-Stripping

Hand-Stripping Service

Hand-Stripping services are offered to terrier breeds & wire coat dogs preferably to enhance the under coat of the dog itself. This process may take up 2-6 hours depending on breed and size of the dog. E.G (Schnauzer all size, Border Terrier, and any other terrier & wired coat dogs.

high quality dog grooming service Hand Cording & Extensions

Hand Cording & Extensions

Hand Cording & Extensions services are only offered to breeds such as Pulis and Komondor. The process requires a lot of time grooming and adding the extensions for the dog so advanced booking must be made weeks in advance. Materials must be provided by owner if unable to than we must be notified weeks in advanced to order the materials from either Iceland or other foreign countries so that we can match the breed coat & pigment accordingly and all expenses will charged directly to the owner. Pricing varies by breed, size, conditions, and materials. Please call us for inquiries and bookings.

Barber Rolling Coming Soon

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