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Meet The Spa Staff

Meet Kevin Tan
Certified Advanced Dog Groomer/Hygienist, Board Certified Pet Skincare Specialist/Pet Aesthetician, Owner
Kevin Tan, is a graduate of West Coast Grooming Academy and an second generation Certified Advanced Dog Groomer/Hygienist that specializes in All AKC Breed Cuts, Asian Fusion Cuts, Japanese Cuts, Hand-Stripping & Hand-Cording along with general grooming and canine health. Kevin is also Certified in Pet CPR & First Aid Rescue. Kevin has a special interest in internal medicine & treating pets with dermatological skin disorders, allergens, & diseases related to the pet skin and coat. Kevin is also a Certified Pet Skincare Specialist & Board Certified Pet Aesthetician. Kevin is currently working on his RVT Degree & Licensing & hope in the future to become an Licensed DVM in Pet Dermatology & Internal Medicine in order to better benefit the pet well-beings and overall health. Kevin is constantly educating and enhancing his skill set and knowledge in hope of one day collaborating both grooming and veterinary medicine together for the overall well-being of each pet & animal.

More About Kevin Tan

Compassionate K9 Mobile Dog Grooming was founded by owner Kevin Tan. Kevin is a second generation dog groomer. Kevin has always had a passion for animals as a kid and enjoyed being around animals especially dogs while growing up in the community of Lincoln Heights located within the city of Los Angeles, CA. Kevin grew up in a family that loved dogs & pets his father raised & owned two beautiful and handsome dog name Monica & Lucky and eventually the couple dog had multiple litters while Kevin was growing up.  As Kevin got older he started out raising fishes, lovebirds, ducks, chicken, tortoise, turtles, bunnies, guinea pigs, hamsters, and eventually he started raising his very own first dog he hand picked and adopted from the North Central Animal Shelter when he was 13. Kevin was super ecstatic when he adopted Ken a very handsome Beagle from the shelter. Ken was raised for 8 yrs with Kevin before developing health complications and diabetes. Due to the passing of Ken on April, 2015 Kevin was saddened & heartbroken that his best friend has left him for the rainbow bridge. So one month later after Ken passing Kevin decide it was time to adopt again and adopted a handsome & energetic Jack Russell Shiba Inu Mix Chihuahua which he named Lucky. Lucky & Ken was the main reason why Kevin decided it was time to study the art of dog grooming and educating pet parents about the importance of their pet healths and keeping them regularly groomed.