Compassionate K9 Mobile Dog Grooming 

"All Dogs Are Groomed With Creativity, Care, Love, & Compassion"

Mobile Dog Grooming Salon

Compassionate K9 Mobile Dog Grooming offers its customers high quality grooming  at the convenience of your home or office with our state of the art customize grooming van. All of our grooming services are contained within our grooming van and we offer our customers premium all natural quality shampoo, products, and finishing touches. In certain circumstances we may ask for shoreline electricity if our generators aren't working or is under maintenance. Shoreline electricity will also be asked to be utilized if we will be grooming multiple dogs within the same household or business facility. At the end of every grooming appointment if our water reservoir is low on water we would kindly asked our customers if we are able to refill our reservoir before we leave the premisies to our next appointment if water access is available. We appreciate all customer cooperation with us if any of these utilities are necessary. We're are looking forward to servicing all customers! Book with us today for an appointment!