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Spa Packages
Please be advised that all prices are subject to change and are only estimates until assessment of your pet they're not definitive. All pricing are based on a 6 week grooming interval and maintenance schedule. Please be advised that if your dog is severely matted and have never been groomed before than you'll be charged for an higher than normal quote price based on assessment of pet due to the time and work it takes to groom a severely matted dog.

All customers must fill out an new client form and policy agreement form prior to any grooming service being rendered. Rabies vaccination Certificate along with all vaccinations must be up to date and current a copy of your pet paperwork is required prior to any grooming service.

Please call us for actual price estimates & quotes & for appointment booking with us!

Refresher Spa Package

Refresher Spa Package 

The refresher spa package offers your dog the cleanliness and relaxation aroma after a long playful day. Our package includes Bath & Brush, Conditioner, Blueberry Facial Scrub, Teeth Brushing, Ear Cleaning, Ear Hair Removal, Sanitary Trim, Underpaw Shave, Nail Trim / Grind, Anal Gland Expression, & Towel Dry & Warm Air Dry/Fluff Dry. Bows or Bandana are included upon request & perfume & cologne also. Flea & Tick Shampoo Treatment are extra charge. 

Starting at $45 for LA County Residence & Starting at $55 for Orange County Residence!

Touch-Up Spa Package

Touch-Up Spa Package 

The touch-up spa package offers the same relaxation aroma & cleanliness with everything that is included in the refresher spa package except that it  has the added benefit of  touching up your dog face, skirt, leg, & tail by giving it a light trim to neaten them up.

Starting at $55 for LA County Residence & Starting at  $65 for Orange County Residence!

Make-Over Spa Package

Make-Over Spa Package

The make-over spa package gives your dog the relaxation and cleanliness it desires from the refresher spa package but also with the added benefits of having a haircut of choice. Bows or Bandana are included upon request & also perfume & cologne are only given if pet are not allergic to them.

Starting at $65 for LA County Residence & Starting at $75 for Orange  County Residence!